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13 - 15 November, 2024 | ISTANBUL

Istanbul Expo Center Hall 1 - 3



At the EV Charge Conference, which is held simultaneously with the EV Charge Show, carefully selected session topics and esteemed speakers who are experts in their fields will deepen your knowledge about the technologies presented in the e-mobility ecosystem and the opportunities and threats to be faced in the transition to e-mobility.
The conference is organized in cooperation with AVERE Turkey, the main supporter of the fair.

  • E-mobility and charging systems in Turkey legislation legal regulations
  • Charging service regulation, (electronic) License procedures, Charging automation system operations,
  • Free access platform Şarj@TR

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Charging Ecosystem Current Status Legal Legislation

  • Country presentations with the participation AVERE president, deputies, and country managers. Topics include country-specific charging infrastructure, current status, and country analyses
  • An overview of the global and European electric vehicle, battery, and charging market (today and in the near future)
  • The European Union’s 2035 goal (ban on the sale of internal combustion engine vehicles) and recent developments

The answers to all these questions are in this session: AVERE European Association for e-Mobility Special Session

  • What are the new technologies being used to charge electric vehicles faster and more efficiently?
  • Are charging stations portable?
  • How to optimize energy management with smart grid integration?
  • What are green charging stations?
  • Could the parking lots of the future also be used as power plants?
  • Is wireless electric vehicle charging possible?
  • Is it true that by 2026, the market for Electric Vehicle charging technologies in the world will reach $ 200 billion?
  • What will be faster, economical, environmentally compatible and smart charging technologies in such a large market?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Innovative Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies

  • Why is the automation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure important?
  • What technologies are being utilized to enhance the efficiency of electric vehicle charging stations?
  • How can electric vehicle charging processes be optimized?
  • How can charge management software be integrated with energy distribution networks, energy storage, and renewable energy generation?
  • What methods of communication and coordination are established between electric vehicles and charging stations?
  • What automation strategies can be employed to reduce energy consumption?
  • What kind of conveniences should electric vehicle charging software and applications offer to users?
  • How can electric vehicle charging automation be secured, and how can users’ data privacy be protected?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Electric Vehicle Charging Software / Automation

  • Low Emission Zone in the Historic Peninsula
  • Electric Buses and Electric Transportation on the Prince Islands
  • Decarbonizing Sea Transportation and Electric Marine Vehicles
  • Istanbul Energy AS’s electric vehicle charging station solution; ŞarjPark

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Istanbul Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and Implementations

  • What role does CHAdeMO play, and what is its purpose?
  • What is V2X technology, and what is its primary application?
  • What impact do charging stations have on the power grid?
  • What research is being conducted regarding the network connections of fast charging stations and their consequences?
  • In areas where charging stations are concentrated, how does energy load distribution affect the power grid?
  • Why is data communication and security crucial within V2X technologies?
  • How can the integration of electric vehicles into the grid be enhanced? What improvements are necessary?
  • How do regulations and standards facilitate the adoption of charging stations and V2X technologies? What kinds of regulations are needed?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Effects of Charging Stations on the Grid, V2X Technologies

  • What is the warranty period for electric vehicles? When is battery replacement considered?
  • What are the differences in maintenance and repair compared to internal combustion engine vehicles?
  • Do electric motors have fewer parts and therefore fewer breakdowns? How do maintenance and repair costs compare to internal combustion engine vehicles?
  • How does the maintenance and repair cost of electric vehicles differ from traditional vehicles?
  • Can the features of an electric vehicle be improved through software updates?
  • How do electric vehicles perform in cold or hot weather conditions, and what are their maintenance needs?
  • What are the service requirements and maintenance services offered by electric vehicles?
  • What are the safety risks associated with electric vehicles? How can they be mitigated? Are insurance costs different?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: After-Sale Electric Vehicles – TOBFED Session

  • How will electric vehicles be charged in our daily lives?
  • How will residents of buildings or complexes without private parking spaces charge their vehicles?
  • The importance of planning; when you arrive at a station with your battery running low and the sockets are being used by other vehicles for charging.
  • How long does it take to charge my vehicle?
  • Why are charging prices different, and which one should I prefer?
  • Can apartment managements install charging stations for electric vehicles? How?
  • What are the electricity/fuel costs for electric vehicles and internal combustion engine vehicles for a 100 km drive?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Vehicle Charging (FAQ); Where? How? In what way? When?

  • Future Trends in EMobility: Technologies from the Past to 2030.
  • How can the use of renewable energy in electric vehicle charging be increased, and what are the innovations in this field?
  • Can vehicles be charged while in motion or, for example, while waiting at a red light?
  • Is it possible to transform parking lots and charging stations into solar energy power plants?
  • What roles can microgrids play in energy management and power distribution, and what opportunities can they offer for charging stations?
  • How can energy storage systems be used in electric vehicle charging stations, and what are their advantages and future importance?
  • How can operational sustainability be ensured in renewable and storage-based fast charging stations?
  • Will electric vehicles be able to charge up to 80% within 5-6 minutes?

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Future trends in Electric Vehicle Charging Stations; New technologies, Solar Power Generation, Microgrids and Energy Storage

  • Affordable interest loan facilities at the Charging Station installation
  • Special financing solutions in charging infrastructure
  • Loan supports for renewable energy projects
  • Mutual funds

The answers to all these questions are in this session: GEFF Türkiye E-mobility ecosystem Financing

  • Electric vehicle market development in the world and Turkey
  • Automotive sector today’s situation, expectations
  • How the automotive industry is preparing for the future,
  • What awaits us in the automotive sector?
  • E-mobility in fleet management, car rental or sharing

The answers to all these questions are in this session: Transformation speed in automotive and Turkey’s role

4 November Saturday


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