Countries With The Best EV Charging Infrastructure

From the article:

Interest in electric vehicles (EVs) is surging worldwide, with a record 52% of drivers wanting to make the switch away from petrol and diesel. It’s not hard to see why. EV adoption is a focal point of many countries’ energy efficiency plans and consumers understandably want to play their part.

Still, there are long-held concerns about affordability and EV charging infrastructure that is stalling progress in some regions, holding consumers back from biting the green bullet.

But who’s been doing it right? We compiled data on the ratio of speedy electric charging points, the price of recharging the country’s most popular model and EV charging station capacity per square kilometre and per capita to calculate an index score and ranking table for 34 European countries. The higher the score, the luckier the EV owner.

Which countries are the best for electric car owners?

Link to the full study:

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